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IP based Video Surveillance and Security

Lanoptic Video Solutions Specializes in the design, sales, implementation and support of IP Video local and wide area surveillance systems.

Lanoptic Video Solutions products are based on a number of technologies that have evolved dramatically since the late 1990ís. Video streaming & broadcasting over networks & the internet and the broadcasting of surveillance video within a open or closed system. Taking full advantage of the high power and image quality of intelligent IP video cameras and video analytics software development has given video surveillance a dramatic new opportunity. The best features of these technologies have been combined to provide a simple and economical solution to Wide Area Video Observation and event management.

This technology allows you to view video streams from any client PC that is connected to a LAN, WAN or internet. Through a web page you can select multiple video streams such as various departments in your organization, home or office simultaneously! Access to the video streams can be protected by a variety of security features.

These attributes allow a correctly designed and deployed video system to actually provide a substantial return on investment (ROI). This ROI can be achieved by considering the Industrial Management capabilities of the technology which will have far reaching implications on quality, productivity, health & safety, efficiency, training, management and sales. LANOptic refers to this advancement as VAIM or Video Aided Industrial Management. The side effect of such a system is the fact that it will also be a superior video security solution with the advantage of its ability to pay for itself through this ROI concept.




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